Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's this?

Good morning to everyone and welcome to my place on the Internet.

My name is Robert Sevenoaks. I’m a former developer and a Business Intelligence and IT consultant. I’ve been around for 10 years working for many companies and on my own, in disparate business areas with different platform, although mainly on Microsoft’s.
I author this blog only because I was urged by Poldina to talk about my experience and to complement it with her vast knowledge of the IT world.

Oh, who’s Poldina, you’ll be asking.

She’s a hen I met many years ago. Since than, she’s living by me and helps my work. Despite her nature, she has a surprising knowledge of IT trends and, sometimes, she drops scrolls of wisdom. She has many friends who share her ability and you’ll learn to know if you follow this site.

Enjoy your reading.

Robert Sevenoaks

P.S. By the way, as in Italy is not legal to write anonymously, even on the Internet, my true name is Augusto Aldeghi


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